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Distilled from a burning urge edged towards helping you find satisfaction with anything for your home and garden. At Grizzly, we formulate our choice of products through modern and industry standard procedures to cover extensive range of offers suitable not only at providing working solutions to the challenges depriving your homes and gardens or elsewhere of the feel you’ve always wanted and aspired to, but to deliver reliable solutions that are both cost-efficient and consistent with every customer’s idea of perfection.

We manufacture and sell a wide range of household products for helping you out in your kitchen, garden, storage, laundry and cleaning. The products we are offering currently are wine racks, collapsible crate, ironing boards and waste bins, etc.

We aim for the satisfaction of our clients, that is why we make sure we get the best of high quality of raw materials and get our clients efficient products at a very convenient price.

We have a constantly growing line of household products ranging from every day to seasonal products. As a dedicated online retailer holding your satisfaction is our prime priority, we ensure to continuously update our range of products, many of which are often not readily available in high street shops. Whatever your household and garden desires are, we at Grizzly are capable of bringing to life all of your aspirations.