Grizzly Sack Holders Grey lid Pack of 3 Adjustable 120L Refuse Bag Stands Foldable Camping Bin


Collapsible waste bin for indoor / outdoor purposes. (Garden, Park, Caravan, Campus, Garage, Kitchen)
Upper element contains a lid and a supporting clamp for an secure fixture of the waste bag
Very practical trash cans: Fold small, light-weight, easy to set-up and transport
3 different adjustable heights: 87cm, 67cm, 47cm
Scope of delivery: 3x foldable waste collector

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Colour:Grey  |  Size:Pack of 3

This set of three sack holders is a very practical item as one only weights 1.6 lbs (730g), packs away small and is easy to setup and light for transit without any additional tools or further assistance needed, except for a waste bag which does not come with the delivery. The three legs of the Grizzly Waste Bag Stand are adjustable – you may choose the height that’s best for your purpose. Make sure to obtain 120 litre waste bags if you want to go with the maximum height, or choose 60 litre waste bags if you decide on assembling it not using all of the leg-parts and consequently decreasing the height for a variety of reasons i.e. wanting children to reach the lid or stowing the bin underneath a surface. This bin is sturdy and does it’s job – however, if you want to use the rubbish bag stand outdoors i.e. on a camping trip/picnic and increase the stability you may mount it onto the ground using pegs as the recycling stand comes with an appropriate fixture. If you need a quick and practical solution for your waste disposal needs, the Grizzly waste bag collectors are just for you. Also great for parties, festivals and sport-events.

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